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Rebozo closing ritual
(Closing the bones)

A moment of being carried and letting go.

The body and mind of a woman can perceive different life stages or situations as intense, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After such experiences, whether it's childbirth or another profound life change, it may be necessary to close off the body and mind both physically and energetically to begin the healing process.

You learn to accept yourself again.

A rebozo closing ritual can assist you in this, regardless of whether the experience was recent or took place a long time ago

sluitingsritueel handen


"Closing the Bones" is a postpartum ritual that originates from South American and Central American cultures, primarily among indigenous peoples. It is a massage and binding technique used to support the postpartum body in recovery after childbirth. It's also implemented as a transitional ritual for women who have not given birth recently or even a long time ago, for instance, to close a chapter in one's life after events such as burnout, illness, etc.

How does it work? 

Before the actual closing ritual with the rebozo, the mother's body is warmed up, initially with a full body massage. All muscles are made flexible, serving as the first step to relaxation. This helps shift focus from the mind to the body.

Subsequently, the body is warmed up by holding a (yoni) steam session. It's a moment where the perineum and vagina are locally heated, which ensures good blood circulation in that region. Heartwarming detox tea is served, and as a mother, you are given the time and space to share your (birth) story. In full privacy, you can express your feelings and emotions. This can be an emotional moment.

If you'd rather not speak, drumming can be done as you introspect. A moment of silence is also possible. You can decide what you need at that time.

Next, you lie on the ground and are gently wrapped from head to toe in rebozo cloths*. This part is also called "closing the bones." Carefully selected music and scents are used during the ceremony, adding another dimension to the ritual.

The cloths are adjusted to a comfortable tension, allowing the mother to retreat completely into herself. Encased like in a cocoon, your body and mind can fully rest. Once all areas have been addressed, you are given time to relax and mentally prepare to re-enter the room. The cloths are slowly and gently unwrapped, allowing you to emerge from your cocoon, reborn.

Why a closing ritual? 

The entire ceremony provides the mother with the space she needs to start her personal healing, to thank her body for all the hard work during pregnancy and childbirth, to process her delivery and reconnect with her body. This intimate, gentle, and soothing ceremony celebrates the incredible journey a woman undertakes to become a mother. It offers a sacred space to cherish and honor the new mother.

  • Physical Recovery: after childbirth, a woman's body can feel loose and open. Binding can help return organs to their proper place and support abdominal muscles.

  • Emotional Support: childbirth can be an intense experience, both physically and emotionally. This ritual can assist in processing this experience, offering a moment of reflection and closure.

  • Warmth and Comfort: the massage and binding provide warmth and comfort, which can help reduce postpartum depression or anxiety.

  • Promotion of Circulation: the massage can help improve blood circulation, potentially aiding quicker physical recovery.

  • Strengthening the Mother-Child Bond: by receiving the ritual, women reconnect with themselves. This self-care moment allows mothers to recharge and feel fully supported. They return home with rejuvenated energy.

closing the bones met liselotte

Just as a butterfly is reborn from its cocoon, a new mother is also given the space to be reborn.

Caroline Devulder


  • Fysiek herstel: na de bevalling kan het lichaam van de vrouw zich los en open voelen. Het binden kan helpen de organen terug op hun plaats te krijgen en de buikspieren te ondersteunen.

  • Emotionele ondersteuning: de bevalling kan een intense ervaring zijn, zowel fysiek als emotioneel. Dit ritueel kan helpen bij het verwerken van deze ervaring en biedt een moment van reflectie en sluiting.

  • Warmte en comfort: de massage en het binden bieden warmte en comfort, wat kan helpen bij het verminderen van postpartum depressie of angst.

  • Bevordering van de bloedsomloop: de massage kan helpen de bloedsomloop te verbeteren, wat kan bijdragen aan een sneller fysiek herstel.

  • Versterking van de band tussen moeder en kind: door het ritueel te ontvangen komen vrouwen opnieuw terug tot zichzelf. Door dit moment van zelfzorg kunnen moeders even opladen en zich volledig laten dragen. Met opgeladen batterijen gaan ze huiswaarts. 

duomassage in touch caromama


Intro: we beginnen met een verkennend gesprek waarbij je een intentie zet voor het ritueel. Je mag ook kaarten en runen trekken die je ondersteunen tijdens je "reis". 

Massage: je krijgt een deugddoende ontspannende massage. Dit zorgt enerzijds voor een warm en soepel lichaam, maar het haalt je ook uit je hoofd. Een 4-handen massage is een heel bijzondere belevenis die op diepe lagen inwerkt. Tijdens de massage werken we ook met moxa om de baarmoeder en buik te verwarmen. Zeker bij een postpartum ritueel is dit heel helend. 

Stoomsessie: hierbij maak je contact met je bekken en ga je alles uitzweten dankzij het gebruik van de Svedhana tent.

Sluiting met de doeken: tijdens dit deel wordt je volledig gewiegd door de doeken en gesloten. 

Openen en landen: je wordt terug heel zacht geopend en voelt je herboren!

Practical Information

The ceremony usually takes place after 40 days postpartum* and lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

The closing ritual is preferably conducted together with one of my colleagues, but I can also facilitate it by myself. Specific wishes can be discussed beforehand.


Intro: We start with an exploratory conversation where you set an intention for the ritual. You can also draw cards and runes to support you during your "journey."

Massage: you receive a soothing, relaxing massage. This not only warms and relaxes your body but also helps you get out of your head. A 4-hand massage is a very special experience that works on deep layers.

Steam Session: here, you connect with your pelvis and sweat everything out using the Svedhana tent.

Closing with the Cloths: During this part, you are completely cradled by the cloths and closed off.

Opening and Grounding: you are gently opened again and feel reborn!


The 3 to 4-hour-long ceremony with a full-body massage, yoni steam, and closure with the rebozo cloths costs 290€ (excl. VAT). Gift vouchers are also available.

With a closing ritual by 2 therapists, you receive a 4-hand massage, yoni steam session, and a full-body steam session in the Svedhana tent. During the ritual, professional singing bowls are also used to add an extra dimension.

We also provide tea and a tasty healthy snack.

The energy created by 2 therapists is incredibly powerful and healing. Together, we represent the supportive community that women need so much. The cloths are also tightened in a slightly different way with 2 therapists, enhancing the cocoon feeling. The stretching of the head and feet, which we can only offer with 2 therapists, is also of added value.

Closing rituals with 2 therapists take place at the 'In Touch' practice of my colleague Liselotte in Hansbeke.

You can see the ritual as a real journey inward.

The Rebozo is a traditionally woven cloth from Latin America used during pregnancy, childbirth, and afterward as a sling for the baby.

* If you gave birth some time ago but still need to close this chapter, you can still undergo a closing ritual even months or years later.

liselotte en caroline
2 pactitioners
  • Energetic 4-hands massage

  • Yoni steam session

  • Svedhana heat session

  • Drumming moment, if applicable

  • Body stretch

  • Closing with cloths

  • Healing with singing bowls

  • Enhanced "cocoon feeling" during closure.


I felt supported and at the same time massaged by a multitude of women. I was cradled and swaddled. I laughed and cried. It flowed from outside in and from inside out. And everything became soft.

Eva Daeleman

A ritual that brings mom back to herself. I didn't think I needed this so much. I REALLY needed this. It has done me so much good and made me feel a new, deeper energy.


It felt as if every part of my body received its own intense hug. Upon opening, I felt a new energy emerge. I am not the same person who walked into the room just now. I feel reborn!

The beginning of a new chapter

  • Closing a chapter

  • Learning to accept yourself again

  • Transition from postpartum period to daily life

  • Being pampered

  • Receiving love

  • Receiving emotional support.

sluitingsritueel na de bevalling
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