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Doula: for a good feeling about your birth

Doula, I don't do that, I am. As a doula (or birth coach) I assist parents. Before, during and after childbirth. Together we ensure a positive experience. I am not there for the medical part, but rather for the emotional part of childbirth. With my help, you can look back on the birth with a good feeling and make the most of the exciting transition to life as parents!

I often use the rebozo to massage mom's pelvis and thus bring relaxation to her entire body.

During pregnancy: knowledge and love

My guidance starts during pregnancy. I will help you prepare for the birth. Especially with a first child, it can be exciting for expectant parents, because there is so much to deal with. I take away those fears. I will explain to you in a simple way what is going to happen. Together we look at how you can gain as much confidence as possible in yourself, your partner and the environment. So that you can look forward to the birth with a safe feeling.

If you like, we will make a birth plan together. I will explain to you what choices you have and together we will see what suits you best. Maybe there are options that you didn't know about yet! Together we consciously think about what you do and especially do not want. We record these choices in a birth plan, so that you can fall back on them during the birth.

During childbirth: confidence and strength

During the birth I will be there as soon as you need me. Expectant parents do not always realize that they are often alone during contractions. After all, midwives have more tasks to perform, especially if other deliveries are in progress. But as a doula I will be by your side all the time. I am a permanent and trusted point of contact and know your story, background and wishes.

Together we have looked in advance at your wishes regarding the course of the birth. A doula is there to speak up for you and help you remember your wishes. A kind of lawyer!

And even if you have a birth plan, no birth goes exactly according to plan. As a doula, I help you deal with unexpected events, so that you do not have to worry unnecessarily.

Also for your partner

Of course, I mainly focus on the mother in the preliminary phase, but I am certainly also there for partners during the birth. Because waiting patiently is not easy for them either. I ensure that the partner is also actively involved in the birth! I show them how they can help their wives and empower them to guide the birth.

And after: with confidence into the future!

I will visit you again after the birth. We will then discuss in detail how you experienced the birth of your child. How do you look back on the birth? How do you feel now? In this way I help you make the transition to parenthood in a pleasant way.

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Advantages of a doula at your birth:
  • Births often take less time

  • Less need for epidural anesthesia (but that is always allowed!)

  • Less chance of caesarean section

  • Fewer tools required (clamps, suction cup)

  • Free and non-binding introduction

  • 3 prenatal conversations of approximately 1.5-2 hours (travel costs €0.35/km)

  • Preparation based on, among other things: birth plan (birth preferences)

  • One-on-one approach

  • Learning breathing techniques, postures, rebozo, spinning babies®

  • I am on standby for 5 weeks non-stop from 37 weeks, including at night, on weekends and during public holidays.

  • Presence and support throughout the entire birth, regardless of duration

  • One postnatal consultation

  • Free use of the ELLE Tens device

  • Use of flower essence Birthing from Findhorn Flower Essences

  • If applicable: free breech consultation or overdue treatment

€ 1550
Doula & Photography
  • Everything from the doula package

  • Professional photos of the entire delivery from labor to the first hour after birth

  • All digital photos without logo in high resolution

€ 1950
My trainings
  • Integrative massage (2023-2024)

  • Art of Birth (2022, 200h, Naoli Vinaver)

  • Trauma & birth (2022, Ybe Castelyn)

  • Postpartum Kitchen Online Apprenticeship (2021, Milk+Seed)

  • Postpartum doula training (2021, PSN)

  • (Bengkung) Belly Binding (various sources)

  • HypnoBirthing® Teacher (2020)

  • Spinning Babies® Workshop (2020)

  • Haptonomy - basics

  • Rebozo massage and closing ritual

  • From pain to power with pleasure Debra Pascali Bonaro

  • Less is more symposium Ina May Gaskin

  • From Womb to World with Anna Verwaal (Prenatal psychology)

  • Pregnancy massage (2016)

  • Doula training basic + in-depth (VFvD)

The concept "doula" 

A Doula is a professional, non-medically trained birth coach who has experience with childbirth and is well informed about it. She provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a woman and her partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

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