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About me, Caroline

In het kort:
  • Mama

  • Vrouw

  • Fotograaf

  • Doula

  • Optimist

  • Spiritueel

  • Avontuurlijk

  • Gepassioneerd

  • Vastberaden

  • Open-minded

Then I became a photographer

During my multimedia studies, I often encountered photography. I often photographed as a hobby. Later, I became self-employed part-time when I started working as an employee, where I did product photography, among other things. I delved into boudoir photography (you know: women in lingerie and stuff ;) ). I also did outdoor pregnancy shoots and took a studio photography course. As I grew older, I realized that working in a studio wasn't for me. I prefer spontaneous events and open locations.

And then I became a mom!

Since the birth of my son in 2015, my whole life turned upside down. First, there was the rehabilitation in the postpartum period. Then the heart-wrenching moment when you're expected to pick up your old life again. I didn't get much time to enjoy. Becoming a mother had such an impact on me that I began to question many things. After 9 months, I decided to give up my steady office job and focus entirely on birth photography and doula work. A leap of faith, but one that I have not regretted to this day.

And then I became a doula!

You don't just become a doula; in essence, you already are one. It's a calling. I was just surfing the internet when I stumbled upon the doula training and impulsively registered for the course, which was starting just two weeks later. Initially, I just wanted to assist couples during the births I photographed. It felt like I could contribute something during the long waits. However, the training opened my eyes to so much more. I learned a lot about my own childbirth and realized that things could have gone differently.

After my training, I became even more convinced that birth is so unique and special. Every woman should be able to look back on it positively. What is inherently a natural process is often directed nowadays. However, I firmly believe that every woman has the inner strength to bring new life into the world in her own unique way.

And then I became a mom again!

Even before I was pregnant again, I was determined that the next birth would be different. This time, I would take control and have a say in what happened to my body. And that's exactly how it went. I experienced a beautiful childbirth where I was fully empowered, giving birth to my daughter naturally. I had the support of my husband, doula, and an excellent team of midwives.

And in the meantime...

I guide couples through pregnancy and childbirth. I give lectures on "Positive Childbirth" and write blogs. Since January, I have also launched a webshop for mothers, offering products that support them during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

Being a doula is who I am; photography is what I do.

My goal as a doula is to guide couples to make childbirth a positive experience. With or without pain relief, relying on their strength, whether at home or in a hospital. My primary task is to ensure that you look back on childbirth with good feelings and transition smoothly into parenthood.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to combine photography with being a doula, spreading positivity to many parents.

Wall of fame...


21 april 2021

Eén : De Wonderjaren

Wat een doula doet mocht ik aan Siska Schoeters uitleggen in De Wonderjaren.



caroline AVS Caromama.png

September 2020

AVS: interview

Als eerste geboortefotograaf met een keurmerk werd ik geïnterviewd door AVS.

Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 21.01.15.png


Caroline doula Reena

December 2017

VTM: Echte mensen: Nieuw leven

De lotusbevalling van Reena waar ik doula was werd in beeld gebracht voor deze docuserie. 



My experiences
  • Vaginal birth

  • Underwater birth

  • Lotusbirth

  • Half lotusbirth

  • VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)

  • Sterrekijker

  • Epidural

  • Home births

  • Induction

  • Gentle sectio 

  • (Planned) C-sections

  • Twins

Some other facts in a nutshell: ​


  • Let me trek through the mountains and I'm happy

  • Tea over coffee

  • In 2015, I crashed for the first time

  • In 2022, I crashed for the second time.

  • Part of my heart belongs in Rome

  • My first childbirth was a hospital birth in Ghent

  • My second childbirth was a half lotus water birth in Ostend

  • I know from experience what a fertility journey entails.

  • Placenta and birth-nerd

  • Spiritual chizzle is my thing

My journey


September 2021











Publication "Doulaplanner"

Foundation of Birthwise with my colleague Anke Verhulst. 

As a doula on television for "De Wonderjaren" op één

First birth photographer in Flanders that got an international quality mark

Webinar for students midwifery "What is a doula?"

Foundation  Caromama Webshop. Webshop about pregnancy and birth care.

Price international birth photographers

As a doula on television for "Echte mensen, nieuw leven" on VTM

Foundation Caromama

Photographer in secondary occupation

Art Director at Interaction S.A. 

Database management, graphic design, web developer, management assistant. 

Graphic design & Digital media, Multimedia (Artvelde Hogeschool Gent)

Contact me

G. Gezellelaan 6, De Pinte

caroline (at)  |  0479302650

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