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Birth Photography: Capture Those Intense Emotions

Just like your wedding day or first kiss, you experience the birth of your child only once. It's a unique moment. Many mothers experience childbirth in their own bubble, and with all the emotions, the day often flies by incredibly fast.

I capture the birth of your child so that you can later enjoy this special experience in peace. Keep the memories alive and let the emotions of that moment come back with intense images of your childbirth. Isn't that the most beautiful thing?

Your Wishes and Comfort Are My Priority

Planning a birth reportage always starts with an introductory meeting. Together we discuss your wishes and I answer all your questions. Only when we are sure that we perfectly understand each other, do we proceed. Whether you want to give birth at home, or in a hospital, with epidural or without, your wishes are central. Always.

Let Me Tell the Story of Your Birth

From the 37th week of your pregnancy, I ensure that I am on standby. As soon as labor begins, I'm on site as quickly as possible. It's important for me to be present during labor so that I can capture the entire story for you. I photograph the intimate and emotional moments around your childbirth with utmost respect, providing you with a beautiful memory of one of the most momentous events in your life.

Beautiful and Powerful Photos

Birth photography is not just my job; I do it with infinite passion and professionalism. I am a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. One of my photos was awarded the People’s Choice Award by Birth Becomes Her in 2018.

Photographer and Doula

Wondering if you'll be comfortable during childbirth with a photographer present? No worries! I'm also a doula. Hence, I know precisely what happens during childbirth and how to ensure I'm not in the way. With this unique combination of doula and photographer, I know exactly how to put you at ease and give you the confidence you need.

Would you like to use my doula services or combine my photographer and doula services? I'd love to meet you.

Health Insurance Reimburses Doula Services

Check out the reimbursement options for doula services that your health insurance provides. Some health insurances, like VNZ and De Voorzorg Antwerpen, reimburse up to € 300! Contact me for more information.

Practical information

After the birth, you will receive the photos in color and black-and-white digitally on a beautiful wooden USB stick. These are intimate images, so I prefer to deliver them to you personally.

  • Professional Photo Reportage during labor, birth, and the first hour after birth.

  • Free and non-binding introductory meeting.

  • Included parking and transportation costs within 10 kilometers around Ghent.

  • 24/7 standby from 37 weeks of pregnancy (including nights, weekends, and holidays).

  • Carefully selected photos by me, without a logo, in high resolution.

  • No costs per photo afterward!

€ 1.250

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