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What I mean

When I say I love the mountains

I mean the everlasting rocky kind

With snowy tops and views to find

Not the laundry piled so high

that it makes me wanna cry

When I say I like to talk

I mean the deep conversations

with another grownup soul

Not repeated phrases in a hundredfold

Or your prattle taking control

When I say I like it hot

It’s meant for dad to understand

Not for you to cling so tight

That breathing becomes a fight

When I say I like to read

It’s quiet hours in books I need

Not the endless bedtime stories

That - instead of you -

put me to sleep

But when I whisper ‘I love you’

when you almost fall asleep

You’re smile reveals you know

exactly what I mean

And your mumbling ‘love you too’

Has never touched so deep

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