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There's this woman I met

There’s this woman I’ve met

In the depths of my own

Her presence felt,

Her face never shown

In solitude we’ve shared our song

Dancing and singing all night long

Kissed by life’s warm embrace

Through laughter and tears

Her spirit strong as a giant and hot fireplace

Loosing her is my biggest fear

She’s the mirror of my soul

Unveiling beauty and stories untold

about parts of my being

that make me feel whole

Whenever I will feel lost

I will turn to her and ask

her spirit to guide me through

the most difficult task

And when I’m in need

Of a warm and soft embrace

She will come to me and gently

kiss and caress my face

I want you to meet

This lover and mother

Who takes care of herself

And soon you’ll discover

She is always here

a generous giver

Who’s love flows from her well

like a crystal clear river

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