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The journeys we dare

A blanket cosy and warm 

That covers me in the darkests night

A grounding force and guiding light

An old shoe that fits so well

I could wear it forever

My soulmate

My warrior

I’m grateful for every moment 

spent together

We’ve lived a thousand lives

walking side by side

protecting eachothers back

Keeping me safe  

when there was nowhere else to hide

The time has come I have to go

on an adventure for my own soul

tasting freedom, finding answers 

And let go of control

I feel your worry, but it’s okay

I’ll keep myself safe this time

I’ve come a long way

My wings grew stronger 

while you gave me courrage 

not to wait any longer

Your soul will always be near

i’ll feel your arms when 

I wrap myself with love

I’ll hear your whispers 

When looking at the stars above

And when our bodies meet again

I will cover myself in your warm blanket 

Without regrets. Ready to share

the timeless bond we wear

woven of love, dreams

and the journeys we dare

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