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Spoon time

Carving you is hard

Let’s just say you’re not made

from the softest wood

Your fibers are beautiful and strong

Gold and brown, woven around

knotty curls, fitful and long

Layer after layer you reveal

as I work patiently to open your heart

a beautiful core so bright and real

Gliding blades with soft but firm grip

In silence I concentrate when making

the final touches with my knifes tip

Finally the sanding can start

Rubbing you over and over

to a grain so fine

Polishing every part

Caressing every line

Turning you slowly into a piece of art

Bringing out a smoothness

fine and rare

Adorned with love

and crafted with care

When this masterpiece is ready

I’ll cover every inch of you in oil

So you can shine

by bringing this newly crafted body

in contact with your soul

Now, I’ll let you rest and decide

whether you want to spend

more time together

In connection with our food

while getting to know each other

even better




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