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In Touch

For the last few weeks

I wandered alone

Without a soul to see

No conversations but my own

No one to hold me

Not knowing who I was

or meant to be

However I got in touch

with so many things

By living a simple life

Discovering truths that

only solitude brings

In touch with my mind

Strong and overwhelming at times

Yet compassionate and kind

always present like the sweet

sound of enchanting chimes

In touch with my body

Exploring hidden realms to uncover

Opening up parts that want to be seen

and being my own lover

In touch with my Soul and Higher Self

A connection so divine

that was always hidden in my heart

a place where real talks start

In touch with you

Although you were miles away

The distance was just a test

Our souls connected anyway

Through this journey of self-discovery

With every rise and every fall

I learned that being in touch

is not about the touch at all

But about the feelings that reside

deep within our core

Being in touch is understanding

That we are so much more

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